Q. Can I search the Keep2Share server for certain files?
A. No. Keep2Share protects the privacy of our users. Only the person storing a file on Keep2Share gets the download link. That person decides who should have access to the link. A file can only be downloaded if the download link details are known.

Q. Can I delete my files?
A. Of course. After successful uploading, you receive two links: a download link and a deletion link. Please keep both. If you want to remove the file from the server, you can click on the deletion link.

Q. How can I move my files to folder?
A. You can just drag the file to the folder. Or you can select one or more files, at the bottom press "EDIT" then submit, and choose where to move them.

Q. Where can I buy a Premium Account?
F. You can buy premium account here

Q. How long does Keep2Share store my files?
A. Your files will be stored for 90 days after their last download as long as you are a premium member. If you are a registered user without premium status, your files will be stored until at least 30 days after their last download.

Q. Which download managers can I use?
A. You may use any of the major accelerators, a few popular ones are: Internet Download Manager, Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet and GoZilla also try google file download manager.

Q. May I have multiple accounts on Keep2Share ?
A. We don't allow multiple accounts for one user. If we found such an accounts they will be deleted.

Q. My account was hacked?
A. You must keep secure your account information. Any mails about hacked accounts, changed information and so on will be ignored! It is your responsibility to keep your account information safe!

Q. Important Notice
A. All users who post links in sites / forums without following respective rules (spamming, flooding and etc) will be suspended and their accounts will be closed!

Q. May I resell Premium accounts?
A. Sure you can. Check out our Reseller Program for more information.

Q. Can I download files free of charge?
A. Yes you can. You can easily download files for free with either the Free or Premium Keep2Share.cc accounts. The Premium membership provides unlimited speed downloads.

Q. Can I resume a failed download?
A. Resuming a failed download is not an option for non-Premium users. If the download fails you will have to restart it.

Q. How much can I download with premium account?
A. Premium users can download 20 gb in a day; your traffic will renew automatically at 00:00 GMT. Also on the first day of payment you receive 50 GB to download.

Q. How much storage is available?
A. Each Premium account comes with 50GB of storage. Each Premium PRO account comes with 60Gb of storage. You are able to store your personal files.

Q. What is the password for the file I have just downloaded?
A. We don't keep password information for files that were uploaded by our users for you to download. If necessary, we suggest that you try to contact the owner of the file directly.

Q. Can I upload any type of file?
A. No. Keep2Share.cc serves people of all ages and cultures from all over the World. We do not want to offend anyone in any way. We make every effort to ensure that the shared content does not violate any law and is completely inoffensive.

Q. How do I retrieve a forgotten password?
A. Click Login link on Keep2Share followed by 'Forgot your password' on the popup. Then enter you account e-mail address. You will receive e-mail instructions on how to reset the password.

Q. How do I cancel a subscription?
A. To cancel a subscription please click link in your profile.